Summer should be FUN!!!!

There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with your family! Whether it’s a dip in the pool, a game to watch with friends, or a barbeque, no one needs to be hassled by pests! Mosquitoes and Ticks are absolutely as dangerous as they are annoying. Take for example a virus that has no vaccine or treatment: the Chikungunya Virus. Basically new to the scene, it has been reported twice in Texas this past summer. Doctors say it is similar to Dengue fever, another virus spread by our little enemies. Without treatment, a disease that can lead to death.

Ticks, if not removed immediately, can leave scars for life. Not to mention they are vectors for many horrible life-threatening Diseases. Pets are not excluded from these nuisances and diseases. Imagine a family member contracting Lyme disease because a tick was brought in from the outdoors, or even your backyard.

Well, we have a great solution. Mosquito Shield creates a barrier of protection for you and your family. With a little help from us, we can help secure your personal space and reduce the worry of ever getting bitten.

It’s time friends!!! That backyard party you’ve been planning, get it done! Kid’s playing outside all day? No Problem! Chilling by the pool and reading your new book, get to chapter 10 in one sitting. Whatever you decide to do on your property, let us Shield you. So get out there and take back what’s rightfully yours! Nobody has time for swatting and itching. Mosquito Shield is more than just an affordable luxury, it is an absolute necessity!