About Us

Mosquito Shield of the Rio Grande Valley was established in 2014 by Ruby Barba. Originally from Panama, Barba has lived in the area for two years. “The climate in this territory is very unique,” she said. “There can be dramatic changes in temperature. I know there are mosquito issues and Mosquito Shield presents a great opportunity to address that issue.” Barba brings a background in business management to the franchise operation and recognizes the value of customer service. “It all comes down to how you treat your customers,” she said.

At Mosquito Shield of the Rio Grande Valley, we’re pleased to help protect you and your family from mosquitoes and ticks! South Texas has some of the nicest weather year-round…we want you to be able to enjoy it! Pests like Mosquitoes and Ticks can deter the most avid outdoor enthusiast from their backyard. Families looking to barbeque, hang out by the pool, and exercise, can rely on Mosquito Shield to secure their most frequented areas. From our convenient location in Brownsville, we have the ability to service you quickly. Our licensed and trained technicians will assess your property in order to develop a customized Mosquito control solution. Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend of all-natural oils masks the CO2 we humans produce. While masking, it also repels mosquitoes away. The great thing about our technique and formula is that it lasts for weeks and builds strength as we continue to spray. This means you and your family can spend more time outdoors, all season long. We believe that having protection from these horrible diseases and viruses isn’t a luxury, it is a NEED.