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Welcome to Mosquito Shield of the Rio Grande Valley. Here in South Texas, families enjoy a lot time in their backyards and porches barbequing, watching football, and spending time with friends. However, mosquitoes can really hinder the amount of time we spend having fun outside. With Mosquito Shield of the Rio Grande Valley, we're committed and dedicated to helping protect the safety, health, and lifestyle of South Texas families by allowing them to take back their property and outdoor spaces. Mosquitoes and Ticks are pests that use our backyards to reproduce, congregate, and annoy us, taking over spaces our children use for playing around, and areas we should be thoroughly enjoying. Although we refer to Mosquitoes and Ticks as pests, they can be extremely dangerous too! Just one bite from either of these can lead to horrible illnesses such as West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, and Dengue fever. Here at Mosquito Shield, we want to help minimize this danger by helping protect the yards, porches, patios, and decks of South Texas families, allowing you to get back to the game and cold refreshments outside.

It's Your Yard, Enjoy it!
For over 15 years, Mosquito Shield has made it our highest priority and mission to provide superior Mosquito control solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Our customers keep coming back because our professional mosquito control services truly work! Our active management technique makes all the difference when it comes to results. Our licensed technicians are trained in delivering superior customer service and strive for your satisfaction. Technicians understand the breeding patterns and life cycles of mosquitoes and ticks which enables us to customize an effective mosquito control solution that works.